Our Vision

At Grow More Food we envisage a world where every man, woman and child has food to eat now, with the ability to grow more food for the future.


Our Mission12-08-13 zebras

“To provide practical, family-friendly irrigation technology and expertise to enable the world’s poorest and hungriest people to grow more food in a sustainable fashion.”

We donate our gravity-fed, drip irrigation systems to communities in dry land Africa enabling families to grow their own food.

Irrigation kits are distributed in family-sized units to allow each family to produce a varied range of crops that it can use to feed themselves, as well often having surplus crops for trade.

But our vision goes one step further. Crop cultivation can help reverse the effects of climate change through carbon sinking. (Carbon sinking occurs particularly well in areas where historically the arid soils are low in carbon, such as dry lands where few plants have ever been grown.) Carbon Offset companies find such irrigation projects particularly attractive, offering payment in exchange for carbon credits. This means we can raise more funds to produce and distribute our irrigation systems to help to grow more food where it is really needed.