We specialise in providing practical and efficient drip irrigation systems 


What is drip irrigation?

Drip irrigation is also sometimes referred to as micro or trickle irrigation. It is an effective approach to irrigation and cultivation in which water is fed directly onto the roots of plants by means of gravity. This means that precious water is not wasted on leaves or topsoil through evaporation or run off. This makes drip irrigation the most efficient way to irrigate plants. It is particularly irreplaceable in dry land areas where water is especially precious.

What are Grow More Food’s irrigation kits like?

The irrigation kits have all been designed specifically to help with the problems that rural communities and farmers face when trying to grow their own food in harsh environments.

They are designed for use in hot, dry environments – particularly where fresh or filtered water, and energy or electricity supplies are unavailable.

The irrigation kits require no energy as they simply operate under the force of gravity. What’s better is that the kits have been designed to use any water from anywhere (it could be harvested or bore hole water for example). In the past people have struggled with other irrigation methods that have not been suited to unfiltered water, and have easily blocked up. These irrigation kits are a lot more user-friendly, more maintainable, and allowing even ‘dirty’ water to be used. The hoses and fittings are big enough to pass mosquito larvae through!

We send smaller kits which allow families to irrigate their crops. We also have larger kits for farmers, larger family groups, and communities to grow bigger trees, shrubs, and vines on a larger scale.

How are Grow More Food’s irrigation kits practical and efficient?

Cost effective. Our kits are cost effective, particularly when compared to less advanced systems which are currently available on the market. They can also help provide a source of new income for families through the sale of crops.

Market orientated. Our kits are designed for use in hot, dry land areas where water (particularly filtered water) is scarce and energy supplies are often unavailable.

Efficient. Our kits are very efficient with water usage, which is important given that water in Africa is scarce and rainfall is unpredictable. The world is in a water crisis.

User-friendly. Our kits are very easy to clean when out in the field because of special components that have been engineered that do not require additional cleaning tools, unlike many that are currently available on the market.

Self-sufficient. As most villagers and subsistence farmers do not have access to independent electricity sources, our systems are designed for use without the need for electricity.

Materials. The materials used in our irrigation kits are designed for use in hot, dry land. For example, the white hoses do not absorb the sun’s rays and keep water cool.

Easy. Our systems mean irrigation is no longer labour intensive, so women and children can concentrate on building their lives instead of doing manual field work.

Adjustable. The components within each kit allow for cultivation of a variety of crops of different types and sizes.