What is Liquid Lever Irrigation Ltd? And what has it got to do with Grow More Food?

Liquid Lever is the company which has designed, developed, trialled, manufactured, and now supplies the gravity fed, drip irrigation kits which Grow More Food sends to its beneficiaries in dry land communities in Africa.

Liquid Lever’s products are available for purchase by individuals and commercial growers, however the company has developed all of its products with dry land communities in mind. This means that all the products are practical for use in hot, arid places, where mains water and energy supplies are hard to come by – the irrigation kits are designed to use any kind of water (a new way of working that Liquid Lever has brought to the table), and without the need for energy.

Although Liquid Lever trades as a for-profit company, it promises to always support Grow More Food in its mission and its growth. The company pays royalties to the charity, and also supplies the irrigation products at wholesale prices.

Liquid Lever also supports Grow More Food by absorbing its small management fees and overheads, to ensure that 100% of donations go directly towards irrigation projects.

If you are interested in viewing Liquid Lever’s commercial website, please visit www.TankFedIrrigation.com