How does Grow More Food ensure that 100% of donations go directly into funding irrigation projects?

Grow More Food is sponsored by Liquid Lever Irrigation Limited – a for-profit company – who supports everything we do. This means that any costs incurred by the charity (rent and rates, admin. and management costs, marketing, for example) are taken care of by the company. Therefore, 100% of donations can go straight towards funding the irrigation projects.

How does Grow More Food decide on the projects the donations will fund?

At Grow More Food we have two approaches to dealing with our donations: we call them proactive and reactive.

The proactive approach is for the charity to provide irrigation kits to villages dry land regions in different countries in Africa that we decide on ourselves.

The reactive approach refers to when Grow More Food reacts to the needs identified by others (other charities, aid organisations and faith groups etc). This approach means that we take advice and suggestions from others to provide our irrigation solutions where they are strongly needed at that time.

When we have no suggestions to react to, we simply supply irrigation kits to villages where we see a real need.

If you know of a village in need of our kits, please contact us.

Can donors decide where their money goes?

Yes! If you know of a village that could benefit from our irrigation kits, then let us know by suggesting a village to us.

What is Gift Aid?

Gift Aid is a way for UK registered charities to increase donations by reclaiming tax. Gift Aid can be reclaimed from a donation made by any UK taxpayer as the taxpayer has already been taxed on that amount and charities are generally exempt from tax. Gift Aid therefore increases charitable donations by a further 25% without costing the donor a penny more! If you are a UK taxpayer donating through our donations page, please make sure you highlight the circle to say ‘Yes, I am a UK taxpayer’.

Why does Grow More Food receive support from Liquid Lever Irrigation Ltd?

As part of Liquid Lever Irrigation Ltds business model, it sponsors Grow More Food and designs the irrigation technology. This means that Grow More Food benefits as costs are covered by Liquid Lever Irrigation Ltd, and it can concentrate on the projects themselves.

How do families/subsistence farmers know how to use their irrigation kit?

We deliver each kit with easy instructions for set-up. Our instructions are as visual as possible to make them simpler to follow and aid users that may struggle to read. We are also working on our videos for our website which  help users in setting up their kits. We are always interested in hearing from you if you can see a way we could improve our services too!